APc – Affaires Publiques Consultants is an independent consultancy based in Paris and Brussels, specialised in lobbying and strategic communications.

APc advises its clients – multinational corporations, SMEs, professional organisations or States and local and regional authorities – helping them in their lobbying and communications strategies on the sensitive issues challenging their reputation.

In a complex political and media process, which involves numerous stakeholders at all levels, APc is committed to helping its clients to be heard and understood in the public debate.

APc designs and implements communications programs which include a close monitoring of the institutional ground, appropriate messaging and awareness raising with all relevant stakeholders: public authorities, European and international institutions, medias and the civil society.

APc has developed a unique methodology based on a perfect understanding of the institutional ground, a skilled experience in the animation of networks and a strong expertise in the elaboration of messages articulated with the public agenda’s priorities.

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